Co-founders of leading UK agency go beyond with Remarkable

Today marks the launch of Remarkable Group, a new group of boutique digital specialists built for remarkable brands and remarkable people.

The group is the next step in the digital journey of founders Paul Stephen and Nick Towers, the original co-founders of the UK’s leading Sitecore consultancy, the award winning Sagittarius.

When asked why they created the group, Chief Growth Officer, Paul Stephen, said “the world doesn’t need another digital agency that talks transformation but can’t deliver the thinking, skills and experience to execute the vision. What it needs is a selection of boutique specialist consultancies that can actually move you on your transformation journey. Our job is to help our collective clients accelerate their digital maturity so that they are ready for the customers of tomorrow, today”

The group’s main focus is in the area of connected experience, helping brands to create competitive advantage through customer experiences that convert. The group’s consultancies each focus on unique aspects of this, allowing them to deep dive into data, digital experience, digital marketing and loyalty.

Today, the group includes Sagittarius, Tanasuk and has two more acquisitions underway, to be announced later this year.