Our commitment to sustainability

We are committed to the pursuit of remarkable in everything we do but we won’t do it any cost!

Our sustainability program starts with B Corp and ends when we’ve not just got the B Corp badge for every business in the group but when we have made a positive difference to the communities, economies and people that support us, engage us and that sit around us.

This means we’re investing in green initiatives, like planting trees and making green spaces. We’re supporting local schools and offering mentorship, guidance and real world digital skills to our youth around the world.

Diversity, equity & inclusivity

In today’s world, we realise that as a business we have a massive part to play in trying to make the world a better place and that’s not in a saccharine, heal the world type way, but in a real and impactful way. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of social responsibility, transparency, diversity, equity and inclusivity and engage in active programs to ensure equality in opportunity for all.

We don’t shy away from difficult conversations and we won’t accept things, just because ‘that’s how they are’. If you’re remarkable then we can offer you remarkable opportunities, experiences and personal growth.

We are a Remarkable Group, for remarkable brands and all remarkable people.

Sustainability & The Environment

But, we don’t just stop at people. We are committed to a program of sustainability from carbon off-setting, to green energy and working with those that hold the same values.

We are proud of our longstanding partnership with Ecologi, a fabulous organisation with the sole mission of helping people and businesses reduce their environmental impact and get to Net Zero. By working with Ecologi we’ve managed to understand and track our environmental impact and then not just get it to net zero, but actively work to undo the harm we might have done by doubling our efforts and contributions.

To learn more about Ecologi and the impact that we’re having, take a look at our group’s impact page at

How are we doing?

Total trees planted to date: 7000+

Total tonnes of carbon offset to date: 500+

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi